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Harry Harry


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Harry is a former Royal Marine with almost 9 years of experience, including counter piracy tasks and participation in UKSF operations worldwide. His extensive military background necessitated a well-rounded approach to training, focusing on agility, strength, power, cardiovascular fitness, and endurance in challenging environments.

With a track record of exceptional physical ability, Harry earned the Physical Training medal for achieving outstanding results during his Royal Marine training, including surpassing the record on the Tarzan Assault course. Furthermore, his dedication to fitness and performance led him to receive The Man Of Steel award while playing Rugby league for the Marines. Harry’s athletic prowess extends to representing the Marines/Navy in various sports, such as Rugby league, Rugby sevens, Rugby Union, Bobsleigh, Powerlifting, and strongman competitions.

If you’re aiming to build muscle, get shredded, improve cardiovascular fitness, or achieve a combination of these goals, Harry is committed to pushing you beyond your limits and helping you embrace the discomfort necessary for growth.

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